Amy Capwell-Burns

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About Me

I am currently a Professor at the University of Toledo and have taught there since 2000. I earned my Undergraduate Degree from Baldwin-Wallace College, my M.A. from Cleveland State University, and my Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University. My areas of specialty include Interpersonal Communication, Gender Communication, Family Communication, and other general communication courses.

I have a few hobbies. I enjoy watching movies, especially Romantic Comedies and those cheesy Hallmark love story type movies!

I follow the NFL (National Football League) and love the New York Giants!

I mostly share photos and videos with my friends and family on social media. I don't answer friend requests from "current" students (so don't ask.) Sorry, it's my policy! Don't hate me...hate a lawyer! :-)

Here some some fun snippets into my personal life for you to enjoy.

I know how to curl. It's a tough sport (believe it or not!)

I also enjoy golf.

I love the Toledo Walleye..."Hit somebody!"

Making Sushi

Riding the horses at Cedar Point, but I mostly love Roller Coasters!

I spent some time in Bowling Green, Ohio and married the love of my life, thus we're called "Falcon Flames".

My husband has some odd fascination with Hello Kitty!

Time for a Hello Kitty Photo Bomb...he really has a problem! :-)

His co-workers are building him a Hello Kitty shrine! Yikes!

Other than the above, I enjoy camping and spending time with my family. I'll pretty much try any new activity and enjoy hanging out with friends and family.


Watching NFL football. Some of teams my family and I follow are:

New York Giants

Cleveland Browns

Arizona Cardinals